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21st September 14
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Welcome to Nursery


September 2013

Dear Parents and Carers

A huge welcome to our returning children and all our new children.

Welcome to the Foundation Stage. We would like to introduce our team to you. We are Miss McIver, Miss Lohan, Mrs Adeuja, Miss Barrow and Miss Carr-Briggs. As the Nursery and Reception classes are part of the Foundation team, we work very closely together. Miss McIver is the Foundation Stage Leader and lead teacher for Nursery and Miss Lohan is lead teacher for Reception.

Holy Name Foundation Stage is a happy Unit where children learn through play and self-chosen activities. We deliver the Early Years curriculum at different levels to meet the needs of individual children. As a class we provide opportunities for building relationships with other children and adults. A huge part of our learning is based around Personal and Social skills where children develop their turn taking skills along with building upon social skills to lay alongside and with other children. Children have opportunities throughout the day to access both the indoor and outdoor environments. We ask that you ensure that children have appropriate footwear so they are able to carry out the range of physical activities outdoors.

The children are grouped for circle times in Phonics, Number and Story. Circle times are times when children come together to share a story, song or rhyme with adults. We have key groups which meet three times a day. These are times where we work on speaking and listening skills and build upon having confidence to speak out in a small group and whole class. As a class we develop social stories to discuss how we can help others and what makes children feel happy.

Children in the Foundation Stage carry out phonics sessions each morning. We learn through exploring and listening to a range of song using musical instruments and our voices. Children have lots of fun finding, playing and describing the sounds of instruments. They access a range of ring games to build on following instructions and taking turns with other children. You can help your child to develop this by talking to them whilst at home or whilst out and about to discuss the different sounds they can hear and with encouragement discuss the sound. In groups we work on recognising their own name from the initial sound and move on to recognising other children’s names in the group. Children develop their sound knowledge by discussing the initial sounds items begin with and begin to orally blend words.

We develop early counting skills with children and sing a range of number rhymes which go forwards and backwards to five/ten. Children enjoy counting in a variety of ways such as jumping, clapping, stamping, and bouncing a hoop before rolling it away. We develop skills recognising and ordering numbers up to ten. Children learn facts about shapes practically drawing the shapes in the air and singing shapes before feeling the outline of 2d shapes. We have a day each week where we focus on learning shapes.


Sharing stories is a favourite activity of children. We encourage them to choose a story they want to hear and to describe pictures. Staff, work with children to teach them how to hold books correctly and how to turn pages. They move on to using pictures and actions to retell a familiar story such as ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. At home you can help your child by sharing a book and talking about what they can see in the different pictures. It is also useful to discuss the different types of print you can see around the environment.

All children follow the Religious Education curriculum and learn new prayers and songs throughout the year. We work hard to teach children the sign of the cross and the school prayers. As a class we carry out circle times to discuss the work of Jesus and the world around us. We take time to reflect upon what we are thankful for and to say thank you to God for creating everything around us.

Music is one of our favourite times in the Foundation Stage. We enjoy choosing, and playing musical instruments and having the opportunity to become the conductor showing children when to start/stop and give them directions of playing fast/slow, loud/quiet. Children have opportunities to develop a range of voices to join in with rhymes. We learn a range of new songs and encourage children to choose their favourite songs to sing.

On entry into the Foundation Stage children require a period of time to settle and the transition time varies with each child to ensure that their individual needs are met.

The transition timetable for Nursery aged children is:

·         A welcome visit and a follow up visit where information I gather information about your child and time for you and our child to become familiar with the staff, classroom and outdoor environment.

·         Days one –four – your child will stay for a morning (08.55am – 11.45am) or an afternoon session (12.45pm –3.00pm).

·         Day five – your child will have their lunch in school

·         Day six – if your child has settled in they will stay for the full school day from 08.55am –3.00pm.

As a part of our Early Years curriculum, children take part in messy activities such as painting and using corn flour. They also have access to the water tray and can become wet during the day.

All Holy Name children wear school uniform.  We would also ask that Bookbags be purchased so that we can effectively communicate with you.

Children are asked to bring with them:

·         A spare set of clothes (trousers, jumper, shoes, socks and underwear)

·         A coat will a hood on

·         A rain mac and wellington boots

Please ensure that your child’s jumper, coat and clothes have their names on so they can be returned to you.


We welcome and value any feedback from you regarding your child and value our partnership with you. Please do not hesitate to ask questions to any member of the Foundation Stage Team and we look forward to discussing your child’s progress regularly.

Throughout the year we carry out workshops with parents where you are invited in to join in with group sessions and to take away activities which you and your child can enjoy at home.

We offer a book share where each week children are invited to take home a story book to share with you and to discuss what is happening in the story.

We are happy to celebrate birthdays and your child’s special day in school but ask that you please provide just a cake as party bags and other foods can cause upset amongst the children.

Thank you for your support. We are always happy to see you, especially if you have any needs or concerns about anything at all.

Welcome to our Foundation Stage Unit and  we look forward to working with you throughout the year. Please check our school website (www.holyname.manchester.sch.uk) regularly as most of the information you will need will be there, however any concerns please approach a member of staff.

Miss McIver and the Foundation Stage team.